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How to Safely Open content you don't trust

Safely Open - for things you don't trust

We have now closed down.

When you receive emails, web links and files you don’t trust, Safely Open it. The suspicious item will be opened in our disposable cloud environments so you can examine what you have received, without opening it on your computer.

Think of us as an isolation or quarantine service where you look at potentially worrisome items far away from your computer.

No software to install – get started right away

Forward emails you don’t trust to a private Safely Open email address

Forward emails with links and attachments to a private Safely Open email address.

Emails you send are held in your Safely Open inbox. Check them out when you are ready.

Visit a website or link you don’t trust with Safely Open

A Safely Open session launches and a browser in the isolated environment will take you to visit the website or link.

No website history is maintained.

Upload files you don’t trust

Drag and drop files or select files to upload. The files are immediately available in a Safely Open session.

Supported file types include: Microsoft Office formats, Zip files, PDFs, Media files.