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Safely Open gives you a superior anonymous browsing experience

Private and incognito browsing is not fully anonymous browsing. It lets you look at web sites and then remove this evidence when you are finished from your device. All the major browsers out there have anonymous mode and you can find out how to set these up at:

BUT, this isn’t enough to protect yourself from vulnerabilities or your footprints at sites you visit. For example:

  • An infected website may install malware on your machine.
  • Your personal details may be taken.
  • If you login to your Gmail account (for example), while privately browsing your history may be maintained.
  • The username and machine name you use is the same each time.
  • Systems logging your activity such as corporate, government or internet providers still see that your machine visited a site.

This means that even though you are privately browsing, you aren’t necessarily anonymous. You can improve your anonymity by using services such as Tor, but this can be complex to set up and difficult to use. If you do the slightest thing wrong you are not anonymous anymore.

Safely Open gives you truly anonymous browsing by creating for you a brand new environment as a brand new user every time you use it.

  • Each environment is created as a randomly generated user, so if your visit somewhere infected there is no specific user information to steal.
  • If any malware is installed it gets wiped away when the environment is removed.
  • At the end of your browsing session, the entire environment used for the web browsing is removed.
  • You are browsing from an environment in the cloud- not your device, so your location is anonymous.
  • Any web sites you enter in the safely open session are lost at the end of the session when the environment is destroyed.


Safely Open gives you the way to browse anonymously in a way unlike any other solution out there, protecting you and your devices because your browsing is done in our disposable cloud environments.

Sign up using any of the options below. For the cost of a coffee you can get piece of mind and the privacy you crave.

Safely Open also lets you look at any web links or suspect email attachments you receive via email directly from Outlook. You can find the Outlook Add In at Microsoft AppSource.