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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe?

Create an account with our service. You can simply sign up and sign in with your Microsoft work, Google or Facebook account if you prefer.

Then choose from our plans the one that suits you best.  Many of our customers choose to start with a free trial.

How do I Safely Open content?

Emails: Forward an email from your subscriber email address to your personal Safely Open email address.

Web links: Copy and paste a link you don’t trust to launch a Safely Open session.

Files and documents: Select a file you don’t trust on your computer or drag and drop content into a Safely Open session.

What happens to the content?
The content you decide to upload or forward into Safely Open is a copy. This copy is available to you in your Safely Open sessions. No one else can access it.
Does Safely Open clean or verify content?


Our service doesn’t clean or verify content. After you Safely Open an item, if you still aren’t sure it is legitimate then we recommend that you don’t open it on your computer. Keep it in your Safely Open inbox and open it again if you need to.

We recommend that you should also have an anti-virus service running on your computer.

Watch this 1 minute video to find out how Safely Open helps keep you and your business protected

How do I use Safely Open?


Why use Safely Open?

If you open untrusted content like files or web pages on your computers there is a risk that your digital life will be damaged. The ability to run your business decimated. Your precious family memories lost. Sometimes it isn’t easy to work out what is a legitimate email, file or link. With Safely Open you upload these items you don’t trust onto our quarantine computers and take a look without any risk of compromising your system.

Anti-virus software is an essential part of all computer security and something we thoroughly recommend – but it isn’t enough. Most anti-virus software looks for what it knows to be a virus. But, if you receive malicious software that your anti-virus doesn’t know about, it can have difficulty protecting you. This is why Safely Open can help you unlike traditional anti-virus. We open your suspicious items in an entirely separate, disposable environment far away from your computer, phone or tablet.