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If I open that email I’m in trouble – how to open untrusted email safely

A dilemma faced by all of us every day at work and at home

Untrusted content is entering your organisation

Whether you are a large or small organisation, you need to deal with emails from outside your organisation. You end up reading emails from people you have not met, from organisations that you are unfamiliar with. You don’t really know if these people or organisations exist! Being able to open untrusted email safely is tricky.

The emails you read may be full of malware that is designed to infect your organisation and gain important, confidential information. Common attachments such as PDF and Word documents have a long history of being used as ways of spreading malware. Furthermore, even though the attachment you have received may look like a legitimate document with a legitimate icon, it may actually be a piece of malware. You just don’t know. Sending you to look at compromised or phishing web sites are another way that you are vulnerable to malware.

You need to read those emails to do your job!

Decisions about what emails to read are based on your personal judgement each and every time. This is hard enough for security experts focused on the tell tale signs of malware. You have other thing to thing about.

If you don’t trust it – Safely Open it!

Safely Open is an entirely new way to help protect you and your organisation from threats, including those not yet identified by antivirus software. If you can think of existing mechanisms as acting like vaccines, where they work against known infections, Safely Open acts like a quarantine station, where you can interact with and look at suspicious emails in a safe environment, without risking your organisation.

Safely Open works by opening your suspicious emails in a disposable, one time use environment in the cloud, as an entirely anonymous user, each time. Your emails are opened in our Safely Open cloud environment, yet we let you see what it looks like on your screen in your web browser so you can read it just like you would on your normal screen.

However, the big difference, and what protects you is that while you can see the contents of the email in your web browser on your screen, the actual email is opened inside the Safely Open environment. If there are any pieces of malware, then the infection is contained within our Safely Open environment. Once you are finished with an email, the Safely Open environment is destroyed, and any infection is destroyed along with the environment, preventing its spread. It works just like a containment box in somewhere like a nuclear power plant. Dangerous substances are contained in a secure place, yet you are able to interact with these materials protected by heavy rubber gloves. If anything goes wrong, the damage is contained to the containment box.


How we let you open untrusted email safely

The simplest way to safely open untrusted email with Safely Open is to use our Outlook Add In. this lets you quickly and easily open untrusted email. You can find the Outlook Add In at Microsoft AppSource.

Safely Open also gives you the ability to have much more comprehensive anonymous browsing experiences than your browser does. You can find out more at Anonymous Browsing