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Why paid plans?

So you are interested in why we don’t offer a free plan.

We get it.  We like free stuff too.

Problem is, with most free stuff on the web there is a catch.  Your personal data is often being sold behind the scenes.  We won’t do that.

Then there are ‘freemium’ models.  Here is how they normally work:

  • The goal is to sign up as many people as possible, offering a subset of features
  • Tease everyone about how good the service would be if they only signed up to a paid plan
  • Pester Invite everyone … repeatedly … to sign up to a paid plan
  • We don’t want to do that.  We want our customers to get the same service from the moment they join.

We have noticed that sometimes phantom people sign up to use services on the web.  We like the Phantom as in the old comic but we don’t like phantom people.  They clog up the works. We know how easy it is to create a phantom persona on the web and we don’t want to people to create phantom accounts to use with Safely Open for a trial period.

We also noticed that often real people need a bit of support when they first start using Safely Open.  So it is nice for us to cover those costs.

OK while we are on the topic of costs let’s come clean.  We should also mention revenue, profit and growth.  Too uncool to mention?  If you are considering being a customer you should know how we intend to build our business and be around for the long term.  We incur costs to bring you the service.  Your subscription provides revenue to cover your share of those costs and … with enough customers on board … you will provide us with profit.  We then invest those profits into growing the business.

And let’s talk about the other topic on your mind: trust.

You need to trust enough to provide your credit card to start using our service. Well don’t worry too much about the credit card – we use a solid payment gateway service called Chargebee so your details are safe.  We also get that you will need to trust us enough to part with real $.

However, in a minute you are going to be trusting us with your content to Safely Open too, so let’s start trusting each other.

Still not convinced?

We get it.  Remember we like free stuff too. One day we might have a service that can work for both of us.  Maybe it will be ad-supported.  But don’t get us started on how that drives us nuts when we are trying to watch a video and we have to first watch an ad!  Do you think we pay attention to the ad?  Nope as soon as we can we skip the ad.

OK one last point.  Our minimum duration plan is a one week only commitment and costs only USD 7.  If you try Safely Open and you don’t like it you can easily quit.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!